Enter Miyako

Greetings Hoomans,

Hi’s my names is Miyako, And tzis will be a shorts introduction about who I’s is. I’s is a Female Chocolate Persian born 13 February 2018, so almost 2 years. Looks at those pictures, I’s is super cute! To be honest I am the ring leader in the house, and everybody’s is my servant.

In my’s spares timeses, I loves to pretend I am a secret agent and an astronaut. And love to relax via my many kitty nappies. Trust me I’s snoozzz a lot. Ofcourse I loves my snackses but none of this hooman stuff, it is nasty.

Miyako approx. 4-6 weeks
Miyako approx. 20 weeks
Miyako approx. 1 year +

I’seses hopseses that you liked my short introduction. Next post will be all about my furr sister Gigi. So please hit the sub button to get that notification.

Many Head Bumpsies and Pawsies,